Brick Extension With Bright Beams To A London Terrace House

Brick Extension With Bright Beams To A London Terrace House

The piece de resistance is the aristocratic Suite Apartment, which inhabits an entire wing of the palazzo with independent access, a private kitchen. While it is much more common to find mezzanine floors in individual contemporary homes, they are a less frequent occurrence in the apartment. This is understandable as most apartments simply do not offer enough space for an additional half-level that adds to the home in bot ergonomic and aesthetic manner.

Let the mezzanine over look your living area and tuck away the kitchen beneath its expanse. This is the most popular and practical floor plan for apartments with mezzanine floors. Move the bedroom upstairs and utilize a smart spiral stairway to save space even further. Given its east-west orientation, the apartment is awash with natural light through the day, a fact that We Design Studio takes full advantage of by utilising a light colour palette of ivory throughout the house. Artificial lighting scheme that accentuates the natural rich timbers also lend a warm, cozy ambience.

Architecture is about experience: not only visual but also what you can touch, what you can feel, Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.

Moving beyond the placement of the mezzanine level, we now look at smart and elegant ideas that do exactly what they are supposed to – primarily save space and add precious additional square footage to the apartment. Of course, some might actually like the idea of an open, double-height interior and could keep the mezzanine down to a minimum even if they have the room to expand it further.

Others could just use it as a ‘reclusive escape’ that provides a shelter from weary day-to-day life. Even the tiniest apartments can feature a mezzanine level that multi-tasks; just as long as they have the vertical space to utilize.

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