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Tiles have been a core component of NMC Group’s business since 1995. NMC pioneered the trend of imported tiles in Pakistan and introduced the local market to high-quality tile products in all form factors and dimensions. Under the name NMC Tiles, the group still holds a considerable stake in the local market and has established its repute as a quality products supplier. The company manages quite a detailed portfolio when it comes to the qualities, textures, and designs available in the tile products. NMC Tiles is one of the largest suppliers of tile products for all sorts of applications such as kitchen, pool, bedrooms, bathrooms, and commercial grade tiles.

About Us

Why NMC Tiles?

Since construction is a serious and time taking task, therefore you need to choose the right kind of tiles for your requirements and taste. Since tiles come in all shapes, colors, and sizes thus the selection of tiles may be a daunting task. The secret ingredient to the NMC’s tiles is unparalleled attention-to-detail and supreme quality. NMC offers you a wide array of options to choose from where you can select the tiles based on various parameters such as quality, texture, designs, and finish. Nevertheless, our talented staff is always there to assist you with the selection process. Not to mention, NMC Tiles is known for the durability and quality of its products.

experience spanning over 40 years

Mr. Mukhtar Ahmad Sheikh laid the foundation of NMC group as an entrepreneurial venture during the year 1970 that quickly grew into a company namely National Machinery Corporation. Over the years the company has grown into a group of companies and it is committed to attaining the hallmarks of excellence in the domains of textile, machinery, tiles, corian, and energy.


we offer our products in following categories

Vitrified Tiles

Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Nano Technology Vitrified Tiles

HD Digital Ceramic Floor Tiles

Elevation Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

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